Touch Screen Control

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Introducing Cain Industries NEW Touch Screen Controller for FCR, RTR, CXL, DXL and HRSR Exhaust Heat Recovery Models

Available Configurations:
  • Stack Corrosion Control
  • Liquid Temperature Control
  • Timed Automatic Sootblower
  • Stack Temperature In/Out
  • Liquid Temperature In/Out
Cain Industries Touch Screen Controller

Monitor and Control Heat Exchanger Operations

Cain Industries touch screen controller brings a new advantage to exhaust heat recovery. Allowing for centralized monitoring of exchanger gas and liquid entering and leaving temperatures. Easily adjust liquid temperature and stack corrosion control set points. Remotely monitor your heat recovery operations with Modbus communications.

Heat Exchanger Operations Screens

Performance Benchmark

The exhaust heat recovery performance screen provides a benchmark for your equipment. Use this information as a point of reference to ensure your equipment is operating at top efficiency today and into the future.

Exhaust Heat Recovery Performance

The Big Picture

Energy Savings and Pollution Elimination are key in justifying an exhaust heat recovery equipment investment. A sequence of screens display anticipated results in these critical areas.

Energy Savings Screen
Cars Not Driven Pollution Elimination
Acre Absorption Pollution Elimination
Metric Tons Pollution Elimination
Raw Exhaust Volume Pollution Elimination

Sootblower Control

Timed Automatic Sootblower setup and scheduling has never been easier to perform. Fine tune sootblower operations to ensure maximum exhaust heat recovery performance.

Timed Automatic Sootblower Control
Touch Screen Control Sell Sheet

Touch Screen Control Sell Sheet

Cain Industries Releases Touch Screen Control Sell Sheet.

Click to download the PDF sell sheet...